Best Workouts for Endomorphs To Lose Weight

Endomorph Weight Loss

December 17, 2014

The biggest issue for endomorphs is that they can really put on fat quickly if they are not careful.  This can be a huge problem if not corrected early on.  The facts are this:

  • An endomorphic body type has a hard time losing weight
  • Endomorphs tend to put on fat quicker than muscle, even if dieting is strict
  • Most endomorphs I have met have less workout energy in the beginning, especially if they are 30 pounds or more overweight.
  • Different blood types mean different diets are required.  For example, blood type O can be gluten sensitive, and lactose intolerant.

Now that we have discussed the main problems with endomorph weight loss we can begin to discuss endomorph workout routines.